Sunday, February 8, 2009

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Umbrellas of Cherburg)

Madame Emery: Where were you?
Geneviève Emery: With Guy.
Madame Emery: What were you doing?
Geneviève Emery: Mother, he's leaving. He'll be away for two years. I can't live without him. I'll die.
Madame Emery: Stop crying. Look at me. People only die of love in movies.

The Wrestler

Randy 'The Ram' Robinson: The only place I get hurt is out there. The world don't give a shit about me.

The Pool

Vampyr-Der Traum des Allan Grey by Carl Dreyer

Shaken in his innermost being, Allan Gray returns once again to the Library and opens the old book. "The shadows of executed criminals are the attendants of the Vampyr, but also living humans can be forced into submission by their horrible reign. A story from Hungary describes how a village doctor, who had pawned off his soul to the Evil One, became the helper of a Vampyr and thus an accomplice in a long string of hideous crimes in the area. In that case the Vampyr had chosen perhaps the most dangerous man imaginable to be his associate."

TV Party: Cramps Live at Napa State Mental Hospital

This weeks after hours movie club started with a Cramps TV party:

TV Party: Lord Peter Whimsey

A big fan of Dorothy L. Sayers, I've been getting into the Lord Peter Whimsey television series.

So far watched:

Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (1973)


The Five Red Herrings (1975)

Just starting:

Murder Must Advertise (1973)


Last night after hours movie club at the theater last night we saw Infra-Man

Princess Dragon Mom: Greetings to you, Earthlings, I am Princess Dragon Mom. I have taken over this planet, now I own the Earth and you'll be my slaves for all eternity.